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Brand Cooperation

 eSUN & NatureWorks


  eSUN partners with NatureWorks for its biobased, low carbon portfolio of high-performance Ingeo™ PLA grades that provide a range of advantages in 3D printing—from heat resistance and low warpage to color intensity and printability. The engineering-level performance of Ingeo is seen in eSUN’s ePLA-ST filament, which delivers high impact strength and interlayer adhesion for precise mechanical part applications.



Since this year, eSUN has officially represented SOLVAY’s range of high quality polymers for 3D printing. With these innovative materials,users can rapidly produce complex lightweight components for part modeling and metal replacement applications.


eSUN-SOLVAYeSUN and LEHVOSS jointly released ePA6-CF (carbon fiber reinforced nylon), ePA12-CF (carbon fiber reinforced nylon 12), ePAHT-GK (glass microbead reinforced nylon).

  eSUN & Sindoh

eSUN-SOLVAY     eSUN and sindoh signed the agreement for global strategic co-operation at Inside 3D Printing in Seol, Korea.This collaboration covers the distribution of 3D printers and peripheral products, as well as the brand promotion, market expansion and market insights.

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